World Festival of Circus Art IDOL-2018

2018 News

From the 6 till the 9 of September, 2018 the Great Moscow state circus will hold the World festival of circus art “IDOL-2018”

Dear Friends!

From the 6 till the 9 of September, 2018 the Great Moscow state circus under the support the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation will hold the World festival of circus art “IDOL - 2018”. For the first time the World Festival of Circus Art “IDOL” was organized in 2013 and established itself as one of the most prestigious circus contest in the circus world. The traditional venue of the festival is the one of the biggest arena in Europe – the Great Moscow State Circus at Vernadsky prospekt. The visit card of the Festival is its flamboyant style that combines a rich coloration, history and traditions of the Russian culture in symbiosis with the modern directions of the show industry and entertainments.

The festival "IDOL" it is not just a show of the acts, it is a fascinating performance, framed by a new theme each year. Nevertheless, according to the already existing tradition, all of them are connected with Russia anyway – the spectators and the participants can touch the history of our great country, learn the diversity of its culture and feel the strength of the Russian spirit.

The organizers of the World festival of circus art “IDOL-2018” will present to the audience and international jury members a collection of the best circus acts and attractions that passed the casting of the festival selection committee.

To participate in the casting is required to send the application (video or video link) to the email address until 1 June.

Three independent International juries will appreciate the performances of the competitors: professional figures of culture and circus industry, representatives of the mass media and audience. After the competitions programs, each jury will award their prizes for the winners of the Festival (1,2,3 medal places).

Schedule of the shows
6 of September at 19:00 – Show А
7 of September at 19:00 – Competitions Show А
8 of September at 13:00 – Show B
8 of September at 18:00 – Competitions shows B
9 of September at 12:00 – Gala-show
9 of September at 17:00 – Gala-show. Prizes awarding ceremony.

Organizers of the festival:
Great Moscow State Circus at Vernadsky prospekt
119296, Moscow, prospekt Vernadskogo, 7.

Great Moscow State Circus
Direction of the Festival

prospect Vernadskogo, 7
119296 Moscow

  +7 (495) 9-300-300